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Old and New Dreams - Old and New Dreams (1976)

These four alums of groups led by Ornette Coleman got together to explore the sound and repertoire that their mentor had largely given up when they cut this record back in 1976. They were so pleased with the experience they adopted the album title for the group name and went on to make several for albums over the next decade or so. This brilliant debut made clear that the approach was as vital and potent as ever. Although the opening track "Handwoven" is the only Coleman tune included here, the original pieces by Don Cherry, Dewey Redman, and Charlie Haden were all composed and performed in the spirit of the saxophonist’s classic quartet.

Redman’s playing always reflected a more conventional harmonic sensibility, so Old and New Dreams doesn’t sound quite as freewheeling as its model, but there’s no missing the sublime interplay, flashes of collective improvisation and unabashed melodic ebullience. Despite the inspiration, however, there’s no doubt that this quartet’s stands on its own merits, from the singular way Blackwell could breakdown a swing pattern as productive jabs at the frontline improvisers to Cherry’s magical yet deeply human lines to the distinctive musette playing Redman drops on the title track. An underrated classic. (Peter Margasak)

1.- Handwoven
2.- Dewey's Tune
3.- Chairman Mao
4.- Next to the Quiet Stream
5.- Augmented
6.- Old and New Dreams

Don Cherry (pocket trumpet); Dewey Redman (tenor sax and musette); Charlie Haden (bass); Eddie Blackwell (drums)

Recorded in October 1976, at Generation Sound Studios, New York.

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Travis dijo...

Wallofsound dijo...

A wonderful band, and a wonderful record. Cherry has never been better to my ear. The 1987 One for Blackwell is available at

Thanks for sharing.

Sardo dijo...

I know the others recordings of this marvellous band, so thanks for this one.

kike hurtado dijo...

Dear Travis

thank you for sharing this one, Cherry and Redman together, terrible!

Gracias amigo :)

best, Kike.

Anónimo dijo...

Thank you.

I found the most difficult Old And New Dreams album to find was 'Playing' ...but I did and here's the link - it's at the top of the page

Here's the link for 915 pages of ECM albums (up to to 10 per page)

Regards, Fred

Anónimo dijo...

Be careful on the above link I gave you (915 pages link).

I've only explored as far as page 20 however I clicked on page 90 and my anti virus app picked up a Trojan. Also the links were dead on that page.

I don't know how far one can get (with regard to live links on the pages etc)'s worth exploring though - start at the most recent (page 1).