jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

Frank Lowe - The Flam (1975)

On this free jazz date the powerful tenor Frank Lowe teams up with trumpeter Leo Smith,
trombonist Joseph Bowie, bassist Alex Blake and drummer Charles Bobo Shaw for five group
originals including the collaboration "Third St. Stomp." The very explorative and rather emotional music holds one's interest throughout. These often heated performances are better heard than described. (Scott Yanow)

…A wonderful band and a very fine record which was unavailable for far too long. A good place to start if you haven't encountered Lowe before… ” (The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD - Ninth Edition)

1. Sun Voyage (Joseph Bowie) 7:35
2. Flam (Frank Lowe) 14:03
3. Be-Bo-Bo-Be (Charles Shaw) 10:53
4. Third St. Stomp (Lowe/Shaw/Bowie/Blake/Smith) 10:21
5. U.B.P. (Leo Smith) 0:45

Frank Lowe (tenor saxophone), Leo Smith (trumpet), Joe Bowie (trombone), Alex Blake (bass), Charles "Bobo" Shaw (drums)

Recorded in NYC, Generation Sound Studios October 20-21, 1975

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Bombshelter Slim dijo...

Great post! This was the very first Frank Lowe LP I ever bought (or maybe it was "Doctor Too-Much). Gracias, amigo...

sasha dijo...

I hope you get my drift..This is, period, one significant session..Don't know how to put it better than that.Many thanks for posting it.