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Andrew Hill Trio - Strange Serenade (1980)

This is as dour and dark as anything Hill has committed to record. Silva and Waits are ideal partners in music that isn't so much minor-key as surpassingly ambigous in it's harmonic language. Hill seems on occasion to be exploring ideas that can be traced back to Bud Powell - no the straight bebop language so much as the more impressionistic things. There are curious little broken triplets and wide-interval phrases which seem to come straight from Bud's last recordings.

(The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD - Ninth Edition)

1. Mist Flower
2. Strange Serenade
3. Reunion
4. Andrew

Andrew Hill (piano); Alan Silva (bass); Freddie Waits (percussion).

Recorded at Barigozzi Studio, Milan, Italy on June 13 & 14, 1980.
Soul Note

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