lunes, 29 de junio de 2009

Bobby Bradford and The Mo'Tet - Live In L.A. (1983)

Cornetist Bobby Bradford has recorded far too infrequently throughout his career. A mellow-toned player with an adventurous style that is usually surprisingly accessible, Bradford is well-featured on this excellent quintet date with altoist James Kousakis, both Roberto Miguel Miranda and Mark Dresser on bass and drummer Sherman Ferguson. Together they perform five of Bradford's originals, music that at its best (particularly on "Sho Nuff Blues" and "Dirty Rag") looks both backwards to earlier styles and extends the innovations of Ornette Coleman. Recommended.

1.- Sho' Nuff Blues
2.- Ornate
3.- Ashes
4.- You Know
5.- Dirty Rag

Bobby Bradford (cornet); James Kousakis (alto sax); Roberto Miguel Miranda (bass); Mark Dresser (bass); Sherman Ferguson (drums).

Recorded on June 7 & 8, 1983 at Music Lab., Los Angeles, CA.

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Martin dijo...

Gracias, Travis, por otro excelente disco que nos ofreces. Saludos.

Travis dijo...

Wallofsound dijo...

Many thanks for sharing. I love Bradford's playing, but I have never heard this one.

ZedBit dijo...

Thanks Travis.
It will be interesting - 80's Bradford without John Carter?!
Any chance for his "One Night Stand" on Soul Note with Sullivan Trio? Thank you in advance.

Igor dijo...

Thanks so much Travis.
This one is new to me.

Rob dijo...

Any possibility that you could reload this? I would love to get this music by Bradford. Thanks, Rob.